Blueprint for Success

Designing & Building Lasting Memories


Blueprint for Success

Designing & Building Lasting Memories

“Blueprint for Success”

We have been a family owned business since 1969. Designing and Building Lasting Memories is what we do. Our dedication to customer service, attention to detail, best value for the dollar and knowledge of the industry has set us apart and has made us an award winning builder for many years. How do we help you with the next step? Here is our “Blueprint for Success”.


Step 1: Meet with a Lender

The first step in the building process is to meet with a lender to establish your budget and obtain your pre-qualification letter.

Step 2: Tour One of Our Model Homes

Tour one of our Midwest Homes model homes with a Midwest Homes team member.

Step 3: Initial Consultation

Learn about contract options (Turnkey vs. Construction Loan) and talk about your ideas on a home plan, neighborhood of choice, specific home site, design elements, specifications and any questions you may have.

Step 4: Plan and Design Meeting

Meet with our builder to create a custom design of your home plan or modify a current home in our portfolio. In these meetings we will discuss floor plans, elevations and options for your home.

Step 5: Home Plan Review

Once the initial home design is done we will meet again to review the floor plans, elevations, review options and make any changes to the plan. Once the plan is approved it is sent out to trade partners for bids to obtain the most accurate pricing possible.

Step 6: Contract Consultation

Bids are back in from trade partners and together we review the costs and options for your contract. In addition, we will review the specifications and contract for your home and then sign the documents and process your initial down payment deposit.

Step 7: Customer Service Benefit

We want your building process to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Schedule your orientation appointment for Co-Construct, an online and application based system that allows you to view your project, schedule, selections and budget throughout the building process.

Step 8: Selections and Design Process

Start meeting with the Staff Designer for Midwest Homes to assist with the selection process. Construction schedule, time lines and appointments scheduled are reviewed.

Step 9: Construction Begins

Once the financing commitment, bank appraisal and building permit have been approved, construction will begin.

Step 10: Rough Electrical Walk-Through

This is a chance to walk through the home with the Builder and Electrician at the framing stage to place extra electrical outlets, light switches, light fixtures, additional recessed lighting, data, cable and phone outlets.

Step 11: Trim Phase of the Home

This is an opportunity to review and design custom fireplace mantles, cubbies and any other built-in features that are included in your plan. At this point you will also meet with our landscape trade partner on the landscape design for your home.

Step 12: Final Walk-Through

Prior to closing on your new home we will meet so you can learn how to maintain and use the features of your new home. We will also provide you with a list of the trade partners that worked on your home for future reference.

Step 13: Set up Utilities

We will provide you with the numbers for you to call to set up your Gas and Electrical utilities. The water utility will be transferred at closing. This is also the time that you should contact any phone, television or internet services you desire.

Step 14: Closing

Together we meet at a title company to transfer the legal ownership of the home to you. Here you will receive the keys and garage door openers for your new home. Move in and enjoy!

Step 15: One-Year Warranty

Your new home is covered “head to toe” for one year per our contract. Manufacturer and product warranties take over after that point. (see warranty manual)


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